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City of Northfield, MN
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057
Ph: 507-645-8833

City Plans
Flow Chart  Comprehensive Plan Parks Plan Comp Sewer Plan Comp Water Plan Surface Water Management Plan Transportation Plan Streetscape Framework Natural Resources Inventory NPDES MS4 Wellhead Protection Parking Study Park Master Plan Greenway Corridor Plan W Sanitary Study Pavement Management NW Corridor Study Safe Routes To Schools Gateway Corridors Enhancement Economic Development Plan Northfield Business and Industrial Park TH19 Plan Comprehensive Plan Parks Plan SWMP Comp Sewer Plan Comp Water Plan Comp Economic Dev Plan Comp Transportation Plan Downtown Framework Plan NRI NPDES MS4 Wellhead Protection Plan NFLD Business/Industrial Park Downtown Parking Study Park Master Plans Greenway Corridor Plan West Sanitary Sewer Plan PCI Hwy19 Plan NW NFLD Hwy Study SRTS Gateway Corridors Project Modal Integration Study