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City of Northfield, MN
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057
Ph: 507-645-8833

I Want To
Apply for a Job

Sponsor a Community Event
Sponsor a Community Event

Build or Remodel
Access information about building and remodeling.

Buy a House
Check out information about buying a house.

Dig on My Property
Discover what you need to do to dig on your property.

Find Out About City Meetings
Find out what City meetings are taking place. Link to the official city meetings calendar.

Find Out About Northfield
Seek information about the City of Northfield.

Own a Home in a Manufactured Home Park
Check out information about buying and owning a manufactured home in a park and the responsibilities of the park.

Register as Domestic Partners
Complete a Domestic Partner Registry

Rent a Park Shelter
Look through instructions for renting a park shelter.

Report a Concern...

Rent My Property
Educate yourself about renting a residential property.

Sell My Home
Check out information about selling a home.

View Property Information
Obtain property information.

Moving to / From Northfield