Charter Commission

  • 6:00 P.M.
  • Fourth Thursday of every other month 
  • Council Chambers - City Hall
    801 Washington St.
    Northfield, MN 5505

Agendas & Minutes
  City Meeting Archives

The City Meeting Archives contain PDF's of agenda packets, minutes, and resolutions.


Term Expiration
Emy Farley   12/31/2019 530-701-0170
Peter Swift   12/31/2019 507-602-2032
Judith Schotzko   12/31/2021 612-756-2005
Scott Oney Secretary 12/31/2021 507-645-9243
Greg Colby   12/31/2021 507-645-6840
Jon Denison   12/31/2019 507-321-1079
Lance Heisler Chair 12/31/2019 507-663-1211


Meetings are occasionally called as needed. For transaction of business at any meeting, four members constitute a quorum. It is desired that members make every attempt to be present at all meetings.

The Charter Commission is responsible for reviewing and revising the City Charter to ensure that it meets all applicable State and Federal laws and meets the needs of the citizens of Northfield. The City Charter is the constitution of Northfield's city government. The Charter Commission consists of seven voting members. Each member serves a four-year term as designated by State Statutes. There is a consecutive two-term limit. Members do not receive compensation.
 View the Northfield City Charter

Application & Membership Requirements

Any registered voter of the City of Northfield may submit an application.  No person is disqualified from serving on the Charter Commission by reason of holding any other elective or appointive office other than judicial.
Applications are received by the Administration Office at City Hall, 801 Washington Street, Northfield, Minnesota. The chairperson of the Charter Commission will oversee the process for receiving, verifying eligibility and forwarding applications of qualified applicants to the Chief Judge of the Third Judicial District Court who will make the appointment(s). Persons appointed must file an acceptance and oath of office with the Court Administrator within 30 days following issuance of the order appointing, or the person will be deemed to have resigned.

Applications are available online or at:

City Hall, City Clerk
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057