Human Rights Commission

 Human Rights Award

The Northfield Human Rights Commission is seeking nominees for its annual Human Rights Award. 


To be considered for this award, a nominee should be a local individual, group or organization that has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the advancement of human rights in the Northfield area, either through volunteer or professional efforts. The Human Rights Commission seeks a balanced and diverse slate of nominees that contribute to the cause of human rights in a variety of ways. All nominations should include a brief biography of the candidate as well as the reasons the nominee should receive consideration for the award.

Award ceremony

The award will be presented during the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. community celebration, which starts at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 20, 2020. The event will be held at Emmaus Church in Northfield.


December 6, 2019

Nomination form

Human Rights Award nomination form

Nomination forms are available from and may be returned to the Administration Office at City Hall, 801 Washington Street or the Northfield Public Library, 210 Washington Street.

2019 award winner

Congratulations to the Community Action Center for being selected for the 2019 Human Rights Award.
MLK 2019 CAC award winnerPictured: (left to right) Scott Wopata - CAC Director, Mary Wood - founder of CAC and first director, Carol Gegenbach - former member of CAC board, Jim Blaha - previous director of CAC.


Second Thursday of each month
6 p.m.

City Hall
Second Floor Training Room
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057

Agendas and minutes

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Name Title Term expiration Phone number
Angelica Martina Dietz Secretary December 31, 2020 507-301-2069
Larry Fowler Member December 31, 2020 507-645-6930
Rigoberto Lazaro Member December 31, 2020 507-321-1362
Mar Valdecantos Chair December 31, 2021 507-645-9603
Lucy Gonzalez Miron Voting Advisory Member  December 31, 2019 952-649-1967
Justin London Vice Chair December 31, 2019 507-581-3990
Richard DeBeau Member       December 31, 2019 507-721-3134
Shafqat Iqbal Member December 31, 2019 612-281-4448
Freweyni Kaleab Member December 31, 2021 Not available
Joan Hepburn Voting Advisory Member  December 31, 2019 Not available
Enrique Reyes Dominquez Voting Advisory Member  December 31, 2019 Not available
Lisa Moore  Voting Advisory Member  December 31, 2019 Not available
Grant Bouvin Youth Representative (non-voting) 2019-2020 school year Not available
Esperanza Carrera Murga Youth Representative (non-voting) 2019-2020 school year Not available
Anna Dwyer Youth Representative (non-voting) 2019-2020 school year Not available
Chloe Thomas-Green Youth Representative (voting member) 2019-2020 school year Not available
Tom Baraniak School Board Representative 
  Not available
Clarice Grabau City Council Liaison (non-voting)   612-281-2449
Beth Kallestad Staff Liaison (non-voting)   507-645-3074


Special meetings are occasionally called.

The City of Northfield Human Rights Commission (HRC) seeks to secure for all citizens equal opportunity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public services, and education. The commission works to ensure full citizen participation in this community by assisting the State Department of Human Rights in implementing the Minnesota Human Rights Act and by advising the City Council on long range programs to improve community relations in the City of Northfield. 

View a copy of the Human Rights Commission bylaws.

Human Rights FAQs

If you have questions and/or need help, please refer to this Frequently Asked Questions document.

Membership requirements

The commission consists of nine members appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. Each member serves a three-year term. There is a three term limit. Members do not receive monetary compensation.

The mayor recommends applicants to the City Council based on their interest in equal rights for all citizens of Northfield, along with willingness to serve and background.


  1. Apply for a board, commission, or task force

    Applications are also available at:

    City Hall
    801 Washington Street
    Northfield, MN 55057

    Northfield Public Library
    210 Washington Street
    Northfield, MN 55057