Mayor's Youth Council


Meetings are held one or two times per month
Typically 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. 

Northfield High School
Room H108
1400 Division St. S.
Northfield, MN 55057

Announcements of the meetings are placed on the city's website calendar; special meetings are occasionally called. It is desired that members make every attempt to be present at all meetings.

Mayor's Youth Council website

Agendas and minutes

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Name Title
Emma Baragary Voting Member
Josie Hauck Voting Member
Will Beaumaster Voting Member
Rylie Lager Voting Member
Barry (Alejandra) Casper Sanchez Voting Member
Savannah Mellies Voting Member
Sam Folland Voting Member
Paige Mier Voting Member
Patricia Owusu Voting Member
Isaac Leer Voting Member
Clara Lippert Voting Member
Grace Van Voorst Voting Member
Nation Modtland-Hughes Voting Member
Anna Scheglowski Voting Member
Collin Thomas-Green Voting Member
Henry Vrtis Voting Member
Veronica Torres-Bermuda Voting Member
Jessica Ylinen Voting Member

Adult Supervision

Meleah Follen

Mayor Rhonda Pownell

Read Julie Haley's article in the Southern Minn Girlfriends magazine "Having A Voice In Northfield - Mayor's Youth Council".


The Mayor's Youth Council was formed in 2006. Comprised of 15 local youth, the Mayor's Youth Council seeks to assure youth input into civic affairs and works on initiatives to positively impact local young people.

The Mayor's Youth Council consists of local high school juniors and seniors, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Youth Council members are selected to serve on two-year terms or until they graduate from high school. Members do not receive monetary compensation.

Questions? Email Northfield HCI

Membership requirements

The mayor recommends applicants to the City Council each spring based on their interests and willingness to serve.

2019 accomplishments

  • Provided youth perspective on several issues that came in front of the City Council including the Climate Action Plan, Tobacco 21 and the update to the Highway 246 and Jefferson Parkway intersection
  • Worked on bridging gaps amongst their peer groups and between youth and city leaders
  • Attended all City Council meetings during the school year and reported back to the remainder of the group on what the City Council was working on and discussing
  • Responsible for two youth programs
    • Marnita’s Table is held on a quarterly basis and brings a deliberately varied group of youth together over a meal to discuss issues of importance to them, including diversity in our community, climate action and school stress. These gatherings encourage youth to listen to one another and appreciate varying perspectives
    • Game Night happens every other month and provides a space for youth to spend a Friday evening with friends playing board and video games, culminating in a video game tournament and the crowning of a “Game Night Champion”