Night to Unite

On Tuesday, August 7 Northfield celebrated Night to Unite.

This year, the Northfield Police Department partnered with the Northfield City Council, Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Services, Northfield Hospital Emergency Medical Services, Northfield Alliance for Substance Abuse Preven􀆟on (Northfield ASAP), Growing Up Healthy, City Managers and Staff, Northfield Public Schools, and many others.

The weather cooperated and it was a fun night of connecting neighbors and public servants. With 44 par􀆟es registered in Northfield and three in the Dundas area, there were more parties registered than any other year. Police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances visited as many parties as possible. The Police Department had 10 Police Officers and
three Reserve Officers out visiting parties.

The Northfield Police Department would like to thank everyone who planned or attended a party, and we encourage others to consider
hosting a party next year.