EDA Work Plan & Current Projects

The Northfield Economic Development Authority approved a 2018 - 2020 Work Plan on February 22, 2018. The Strategic Priorities for the EDA are: Business Expansion, Business Retention, Workforce, Communication, Redevelopment and Infrastructure. Find the EDA Work Plan here.

Doing Business

Urban3 Consultant Work

The Northfield EDA entered into a consulting contract with Urban3 in August 2018. The EDA Commissioned this work to provide community members with an alternative analysis on Northfield’s current land use and tax make-up. The Northwest Area of Northfield was also taken into consideration as part of the greater analysis. The goal for Urban3's lectures is to change the way people think about the cost of development, sprawl and the value of land. Urban3 has gathered all the tax information for every parcel within the City of Northfield and conducted a density analysis. Urban3 measures the efficiency of land across different types of uses (industrial, commercial, residential etc.) They then examine the most efficient land uses from a tax generating standpoint and highlight the structures in their presentations.

For the Executive Summary, please click here. For the Northfield Story Map, please see the mapping tool below. 

Executive Summary

Story Map