September 20, 2018 Storm

Request for Assistance and Volunteering

The amount of tree damage across the City is extensive and there may be many property owners still working to clear trees on their property. Northfield Shares and Rice County have many resources available to all County and City residents regardless of income or status.

The individuals and groups offering assistance are eager to help; please do not hesitate to request assistance. Also, please check with neighbors and reach out to those you know to make sure storm recovery needs are being addressed.

Northfield Shares

If you want to volunteer or if you’re in need of assistance to get your private property trees to the boulevard, please reach out to Northfield Shares at Northfield Shared Tornado Relief Signup. Also, you can email or call (507)-403-9755 and leave a message.

Rice County Storm Hotline

Rice County has a Hotline for all county residents, including Northfield residents, to request various types of assistance. Requests may include debris and tree removal, yard cleaning, food, water, and any other needs directly related to the storms on September 20. Please call: 833-643-7423 and leave a message about your need and or go to the following link:

Property Damage Assessment

The City will perform an initial assessment of private property structural damage in Northfield, specifically, damage to homes. The assessment will only include location and general category of damage, not specific dollar values of the damage.

In order to perform the assessment efficiently, the City will use two methods of reporting.

  1. The City is asking anyone with damage to their home or business building to report the damage to the City. Residents with damage are asked to call 507-645-3045 or email: Please leave a message with your address, name, and what part of your home is damaged by Wednesday, October 3, 2018. This Damage Assessment only relates to private property structural damage; it is not intended for reporting storm damage to trees.
  2. City Staff will survey affected areas of the City to identify damaged structures.