2020 Mill and Overlay Project


The 2020 Mill and Overlay Project includes:

  • First Street – College Street to Maple Street
  • Second Street – Washington Street to Oak Street
  • Third Street – Washington Street to Oak Street
  • Fourth Street – Nevada Street to Prairie Street
  • Union Street – First Street to Second Street
  • College Street – First Street to Third Street
  • Winona Street – First Street to Fourth Street
  • Nevada Street – First Street to Fourth Street
  • Maple Street – First Street to Fourth Street
  • Elm Street – Second Street to Fifth Street
  • Oak Street – Second Street to Fourth Street
  • Heritage Drive – TH 3 to Hidden Valley Apartments
  • Jefferson Road – Hidden Valley Road to Heritage Drive
  • Seventh Street – Water Street to West dead end
  • Eight Street – Water Street to Linden Street

The process began with the Northfield City Council ordering a Feasibility Study on August 20, 2020. The Feasibility Study examines the proposed street and utility improvements along these street corridors to determine whether the project – as proposed – is feasible, cost effective and necessary.

The entire project area will receive a mill and overlay, which means 2” of the asphalt surface will be ground off, and a new 2” asphalt wearing course will be installed. Minor spot repairs on utilities, curb and gutter removal and replacement, ADA sidewalk improvements, and tree removals will be completed as necessary. Sidewalk gaps will be evaluated during the feasibility report, and new sidewalk installations may be proposed along the project corridor. In addition, street corridors included in the project that have been designated as on-street bikeways in the adopted Northfield Pedestrian, Bike, and Trail System Plan will be evaluated for updates as well.

Project Process

The process for developing the special assessments for properties along the project corridor follows Minnesota State Statute Chapter 429-Local Improvements, Special Assessments. The Project Process steps are typically completed to take advantage of a positive bonding environment and to make full use of the construction season.

Project Meetings and Updates

10/2/19 -(5:30 - 7 p.m.) - Neighborhood Meeting #1, City Hall Council Chambers, 801 Washington Street - Mill and Overlay Brochure, Open House Presentation Boards, Power Point Presentation

12/3/19 -(6 - 8 p.m.) - Improvement Hearing, City Hall Council Chambers, 801 Washington Street - Improvement Hearing Presentation, Bumpout Guideline Memo


Project Updates



Feasibility Report

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