Renewable Energy Challenge

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Help us become the city of cows, colleges, and clean energy by joining the Renewable Energy Challenge

Just over 100 of your neighbors support renewable energy by subscribing 100% of their electricity to come from renewable sources. We challenge you to join your neighbors and subscribe 100% of your electricity to renewable energy.

When you join the challenge, you’ll be supporting renewable energy sources like wind and solar, which can reduce carbon emissions.

Renewable energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it not the only way – which is why we are also inviting you to save energy through no-cost tips, especially if your household isn’t ready to invest in renewable energy at this moment.

Everyone who joins the challenge will be recognized on the city website as a clean energy supporter.

Our goal

Add 100 new subscribers who sign up for 100% of their electricity to come from renewable energy by June 15, 2020.

Join the challenge and support renewable energy

It’s easy to do with these options:

Windsource® subscription

Choose to source up to 100% of your home’s monthly electricity use from locally produced wind energy with Xcel Energy’s Windsource program. The cost ranges from $1 to $10 per month, depending on subscription amount and your home’s electricity use. This program is a great way for homeowners and renters to use renewable electricity.

Windsource program

Community solar garden subscriptions

A community solar garden is a solar power plant that provides electricity to more than one household. Members of the community can have the benefits of solar power without installing solar panels on their property.

Learn more about solar gardens and what you should know before signing a contract

Northfield area solar garden opportunities

On-site solar assessment

Installing solar on your property allows you to help produce your own electricity. If you’ve decided to go solar with your home, you’ll want to install a system that’s right for you by finding a solar installer. Start the processes of getting solar for your home by signing up for a free site assessment from a third party developer or installer.

Visit the Xcel Energy website to learn more

On-site solar options

Find an installer

Reduce your use

There are many no-cost ways to reduce your household’s energy consumption – and therefore your carbon footprint. Reducing your household’s energy use is a great option to support Northfield’s carbon goals and save money and is a great first step to take before investing in renewable energy. Try these energy saving tips from Xcel Energy to enter the challenge and save.

Energy saving tips from Xcel Energy

How to complete the challenge

  1. Complete at least one of these actions

    Sign up for Xcel Energy’s Windsource program

    Subscribe to a Northfield area solar garden

    Sign up for a on-site solar site assessment

    Save with these tips from Xcel Energy

  2. Get recognized

Participants who register will be recognized on the city website as a "Northfield Clean Energy Supporter."

Northfield residents who enter the challenge have the option to remain anonymous.

Join the challenge