Interlibrary loan

We strive to provide area users a comprehensive and appealing collection but realize we cannot house all of the materials our user’s desire or need. Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service the Northfield Public Library provides its customers allowing you to borrow materials that are owned by another library.

Loan Requests

Loan requests between Northfield and other SELCO libraries are usually filled promptly, while loan requests between out of state library systems will take longer to complete. Some materials may not be available for request.

We ask that you observe the following procedure:
  1. Request the Northfield Library copy first
  2. Request the SELCO copy second
  3. Request a MNLINK copy if no other copy is available
If an item is new, please ask the librarian to file a purchase request to determine if the new item should be purchased for the Northfield Public Library rather than borrowed from another library.

Minnesota Link

Minnesota Link is a statewide virtual library that electronically links you to Minnesota's rich library resources.