Planning & Zoning

City of Northfield Ordinance No. 978 - Amending Ch. 34 of the City Code, LDC Regulations, Regarding Changeable Copy Signs

Changeable Copy Signs Amendment (full text)

Planning Division
The City of Northfield’s Planning Division manages the growth and development of the community by administering the land use regulations outlined in the city's guiding documents, such as the Comprehensive Plan, the Land Development Code, and the Transportation Plan. The planning division coordinates the application process for zoning changes, conditional use permits, variances, annexations, and subdivisions. Planning division staff also support several boards and commissions concerned with land use and development.

Please contact City Planner Scott Tempel at (507) 645-3024 for questions regarding:

  • the city’s guiding documents, development and permit process, 
  • and boards and commissions that advise and direct the city on matters related to planning, preservation, and development.

Active Subdivisions:
The city maintains a list of the un-built lots in subdivisions in Northfield. This list is available here.

Customer Service
We highly value your business and want to make sure you have a timely and professional experience working with Building Inspections and Community Development. If any questions or concerns arise, please contact: Mike Ericson, Interim Community Planning & Development Director.