Land Use Applications

Land Use Applications

The City of Northfield has seven different types of Land Use Applications. Each type undergoes a slightly different review and approval process. The most basic process is Type 1, which involves only department staff. Other review procedures may involve city commisssions, boards, and even the City Council. For a more detailed description of the different types of application review procedures please see the Land Development Code, Article 5. For applications not available below, please contact the Community Development Office at (507) 645-3059.

City Fee Schedule

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Review Type
Review Procedure
TYPE 1 Staff Review Only Adjacent Land Conveyance
Land Development Code Interpretation
Sign Permit (Not in Historic District)
Temporary Use
TYPE 2 Staff Review with Development Review Committee (DRC) Amendment to PUD Overlay
Flood Plain Development Permit
Site Plan Review
TYPE 3 Staff Review with Heritage Preservation Commission Review and Decision Sign Permit (Historic District)
TYPE 4 Staff Review and Planning Commission Recommendation with City Council Decision

*For Heritage Preservation Site decisions, there will also be a recommendation from the Heritage Preservation Commission.
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Conditional use Permit
Conditional Use Permit in Flood Plain
Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)
Heritage Preservation Site Designation
Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat
Zoning District Text Amendment
Zoning Map Amendment
TYPE 5 Staff Review with Planning Commission Recommendation with Decision by City Council Major Subdivision Final Plat
Minor Subdivision or Lot Consolidation
TYPE 6 Staff Review with Zoning Board of Appeals Decision Variance: One, Two or Three Family
Variance: Multi-Family
Variance: Non-Residential
Variance: Flood Plain
Variance Decision Appeal
TYPE 7 Staff Review with Planning Commission Decision Site Plan: Commercial Flexible Plan
Site Plan: Commercial Standard Plan