Water Meter Information

Additional Water Meters
A second water meter may be installed in homes or businesses to measure outdoor water usage. This water usage is not included on wastewater utility charges. Meters must be purchased from the City of Northfield. Proper installation is the responsibility of the owner. An inspection by the Water Division is required after installation. Meter readings from each meter will be reported separately.

Automatic Water Meter Reading
The City of Northfield completed installation of a citywide automated water meter reading (AMR) system in 2011. Designed to last many years, the AMR system benefits customers and city operations alike. Customer service levels have improved through this automated system of obtaining meter readings due to timely and accurate reporting of water usage each month. Efficiencies were gained since city staff does not have to manually enter individual meter readings into the monthly bills.

Residents are no longer required to read their meters monthly and deal with inaccurate estimates. The AMR system has allowed the city to better track usage and trends, provide a means for leak detection, and further quantify conservation measures.

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