Adopt-a-Park Program

Adopt-a-Park is a public service program, which allows volunteers to aid in beautification, identify safety hazards, and help maintain the City of Northfield Park System. It is an excellent way for residents and organizations to make a personal contribution to the community.

This is an effort to use volunteer’s expertise and experience to supplement the work of city staff. By working together, we hope residents become better connected to their community.

How the program works

  • A group of residents, through common interest, agrees to adopt a particular park, which may or may not be in their neighborhood.
  • This group then discusses the opportunity with city staff in order to understand the responsibilities and limitations on adopting a park.
  • The Adopt-a-Park group agrees to a minimum of a 3-year commitment to the project.
  • Park sites are chosen by city staff and are then available on a first come, first served basis.
  • The frequency of clean up is once during the spring, once during the summer and once during the fall.

Adopt-a-Park sponsors

  • Way Park - Friends of Way Park
  • Hauberg Woods - Friends of Hauberg Woods
  • Riverside Lions Park - Northfield Garden Club
  • Central Park - Friends of Central Park
  • Sechler Park (River Portion) - Cannon River Offroad Cycle and Trails (CROCT)
  • Sibley Swale Park - Project Friendship
  • Ames Park - Gehring Family
  • Lashbrook Park - Friends of Lashbrook
  • Babcock Rodeo Grounds - DJJD Committee
  • Bridge Square - DJJD Committee