Rental Opportunities

Apartments complexes

The city does not maintain a public list of landlords with available rental property, but does provide a list of apartment complexes in the community.

Northfield Apartment Listing (Updated June 1, 2015)

Section 8

Northfield does not operate public housing or the Section 8 program. For assistance with the Section 8 program, please contact the Rice County housing staff.

Rice County HRA
507-645-9576 or 507-333-3787.

  1. Bluff View groundbreaking ceremony with everyone attending

    New housing development breaks ground

    Johnson-Reiland Builders & Remodelers held a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, September 4 for the Bluff View housing development located in the southeastern part of the city. Bluff View Development...
  2. Officials hold shovel for the Hillcrest Village groundbreaking ceremony

    Community Action Center breaks ground on new housing development

    The Community Action Center of Northfield (CAC) held a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, September 2 for their Hillcrest Village housing development located at 1050 Highway 3. Hillcrest Village groundbreaking...
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