Resources for Educators

Bring Students to Tour the Library

Library tours are available! The library staff is happy to give your class or group a tour of the library. We can customize the tour to special projects or interests. Tours can include a short story time, if requested. A minimum of two-week’s notice is required. Contact Leesa Wisdorf or Kathy Ness for more information.
Tips for a successful library visit:
  • Invite adult chaperones, one adult per 10 students.
  • Talk with the students about expected behavior.
  • Explain how the library can be used and the difference between a public and school library, if necessary
  • Discuss what a library card is, what it allows you to do, and the responsibilities associated with it.
  • Remind students to bring their active library cards if you want them to check out books or use computers for research.
  • We cannot give out library cards to students under 14 years of age. Students under 14 need a parent or guardian to accompany them and sign a library card contract.