GreenStep Cities Program

Greenstep Cities Program History

As Northfield works through the GreenStep Cities program this page will contain the history of past actions with links to relevant documents and presentations. Community events related to the GreenSteps Cities program may also be posted here (contact the City for information).
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Date Event Activity
Apr. 5, 2011
City Council Meeting
Adopt Res. 2011-041 on implementation method and motion to direct city Boards and Commissions to work on the program Presentation (PDF)
Mar. 8, 2011
City Council Work Session
Update on program and implementation method. Presentation (PDF)
Jan. 4, 2011
City Council Meeting
Update to City Council on implementation process. Presentation (PDF)
June 15, 2010
City Council Meeting
Adopt Res. 2010-049 to participate in GreenStep Cities program.  
June 8, 2010
City Council Work Session
Discussion on GreenStep Cities program     
May 24, 2010
  Presentation to City Council by Phlipp Muessig (MPCA) on GreenStep Cities program  
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