GreenStep Cities Program

What can I do?

As Northfield develops its work plan a number of educational programs will be started that will help residents improve sustainability practices in their own homes and businesses. While each person has their own interest or ability to make changes in their lifestyle or business practices, the hope is that the broad approach of the program will help everyone find aspects that appeal to them!
Materials, tips, and links to further information will be provided on this page as they become available. Until then, we encourage you to read through the Best Practices page on the MPCA's GreenStep Cities page. As you investigate each Best Practice you will find many links to resources that can help you reduce energy costs, reduce water use, and save you money!

Community Partners

The GreenStep Cities program is intended to be a community effort. There are many opportunities for community groups, organization, and businesses to get involved in the GreenStep Cities program. Many Northfield groups are already engaged in programs or policies that are directly applicable to the program. While we will actively seek partners, we encourage any interested local groups to contact the city who can contribute in a meaningful way.

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