Fines and Fees

Check out periods and late fine fees:

Material Type
Loan Period
Late fee
Adult books, books on CD and Music CDs 21 days
$0.25 a day yes
Adult Magazines 7 days
$0.25 a day yes
DVDs 7 days $0.25 a day yes (one)
Video games 7 days $0.25 a day no
Adult/Juvenile software 21 days $0.25 a day yes
Young Adult books, magazines & books on CD 21 days $0.10 a day yes
Juvenile books, music & books on CD, Magazines 21 days 0 yes
Juvenile backpacks 21 days $0.25 a day yes
Juvenile storytime kits 21 days $0.25 a day no
Nooks - eReaders 21 days $5 a dat
These guidelines apply only to materials from the Northfield Public Library. Other libraries have different loan and renewal periods and fee schedules.

Maximum number of items per card at any time is 60. DVDs are limited to 10 per card.

Replacement costs for lost items are charged to the cardholder, along with a $5 processing fee. Payment of lost items that are returned will be credited to the cardholder if the item is returned within 6 months of payment.

Copying and Scanning

The library has a copy machine available to the public. The cost is $0.15 for black and white and $1 for color copies. Scanning is available at no charge.


The library has a multimedia projector, available for 24-hour rental. A $50 cash deposit is required on equipment rentals.


The library offers proctoring service for a fee of $15. Students should call the reference desk 507-645-1802 to schedule a test time.