Arts and Culture Commission


  • Second Monday of the Month

  • 4:30P.M.

  • Northfield Public Library- Library Meeting Room

  • 210 Washington St.


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  Member   Term  Expiration  
    Member 12/31/2018  
  Bonnie Jean Flom Member 12/31/2019  
  Karna Hauck Member 12/31/2019  
  Cynthia Gilbertson Secretary 12/31/2018  
  Mark Gleason Vice Chair 12/31/2018  
  Jill Ewald Member 12/31/2019  
  Heather Lawrenz Member 12/31/2020  
  Alyssa Herzog Melby Chair 12/31/2020  
  Paula Granquist Member 12/31/2020  
  Harper Bechtel Youth Rep    
  Robby Swenson Youth Rep    
  Hannah Singh Youth Rep    
  Ann Beimers (Voting) Youth Rep    
City Staff    
Teresa Jensen Library and IT Director 507-645-1801


The Arts and Culture Commission advises City Council about the development of arts and cultural activities, organizations, and facilities in Northfield."The Arts and Culture Commission was created by City Council in January 2007 following a recommendation from ArtsPlan06 which identified its mission." Its purpose is to assist Northfield in becoming a community in which arts and cultural activities:

  • Are recognized as vital components of community life worthy of investment and support from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors
  • Are valued and promoted for their economic benefits and development potential, especially in the downtown
  • Include new ethnic groups in Northfield's identity and sense of community
  • Represent an integral part of Northfield's educational mission and programs for young people
  • Engage the talents and involvement of retirees and senior citizens
  • Develop a wider array of opportunities for collaboration between faculty and student artists at the two colleges and community artists
  • Cooperate to enhance the public perception of Northfield's identity and quality of life in the community itself, the surrounding region, and beyond

Meetings are called by the chair. For transaction of business at any meeting, a majority of members shall constitute a quorum.


The Arts and Culture Commission has initiated a number of special projects, including sidewalk poetry, a high school sculpture project, a living treasures award and a study on the economic impact of the arts in Northfield.







Application & Membership Requirements
Members are appointed by the mayor with the approval of the City Council. Members, based on their willingness to serve and background, are appointed from various sectors of the community, including arts and cultural organizations, Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges, local schools, business community, independent artists, and the community at large.

Applications are available online or at:

  • City Hall
    801 Washington St.
    Northfield, MN 55057
  • Northfield Public Library
    210 Washington St.
    Northfield, MN 55057