Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Services

The Northfield City Council approved a Joint Powers Agreement for fire protection and rescue services at their April 1, 2014 City Council meeting. The agreement establishes a joint fire department that will be called the Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Service (NAFRS). Additional information can be found on the NAFRS website.

The NAFRS will be governed by an eight member board consisting of five (5) Board members appointed by the Northfield City Council, two (2) Board members appointed by Rural Fire, and one (l) Board member appointed by the Dundas City Council. Board members will be appointed for three-year terms, with initial appointees serving staggered terms. Northfield’s representatives will serve as follows: 1 board member serving a one-year term, two members serving two-year terms and two members serving three-year terms.


Term Expiration
Anne Haddad Member 12/31/2019
Brad Ness Member 12/31/2019
Lee Runzheimer Member 12/31/2020
Bron Scherer Chair 12/31/2020
Elisabeth Haase Member 12/31/2021
Additional details, including powers and duties of the Board, can be found in the Joint Powers Agreement.

Applications are available online or at:
City Hall, City Clerk
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057